Wash & Wax (500ml)

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The McLaren Wash & Wax is a high performance, concentrated and Ph neutral shampoo that lubricates, waxes and protects while you wash your car.  

Using just 3 cap-fulls within a 3 gallon bucket of warm water, foam will form and should be applied to the car from the roof downwards with a clean scratch-free washing mit. Once the car has been covered, rinse off with clean water and dry the car with a chamois or drying towel.

  • Safely removes dirt and other contaminants
  • Unique formula that gives a just-waxed, high gloss finish
  • Does not remove any other wax or sealant products
  • Rinses clean without streaks

  • The McLaren Racing Car Care range has been created without compromise to ensure that it complements the team’s ethos and dedication to excellence.

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